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If your admin has enabled both Multi-company groups (MCGs) and guest accounts for your organization, a newly created external collaboration group will be an MCG by default. You can still add guest accounts to groups that are not MCGs if your admin has enabled guest accounts for your organization. You’ll see the option to create a multi-company group when you create a new group.
There are two types of multi-company groups:
  • Secret multi-company groups are visible to company admins, group members and people who have been invited to the group.
  • Closed multi-company groups are visible to company admins, group members, people who have been invited to the group and anybody who's a member of a company in the group. You can invite people to a closed multi-company group by sharing a link.

Add people to an external collaboration group

If you're a member of a multi-company group (MCG), you can add coworkers to the group in the same way that you would add coworkers to other Workplace groups.
To invite people from other organizations, enter the email address linked to their Workplace account. By default, multi-company group admins must approve any new members who are invited to the group, unless new members are invited by a group admin. Group admins can turn off admin approval so that anyone can add new members to the group without needing admin approval. Users invited from another organization’s Workplace will be added as externals.
If your system admin has enabled guest accounts as well, you can add guest users to multi-company groups by entering their email address.
If it is a closed MCG, anyone with a group invite link can join if admin approval is turned off. Invite links are found on the right of the group page when viewing it from a computer.
Note: All information shared inside a multi-company group can be seen by all members of the group. Members from other organizations and guests can’t see any other content in another organization’s Workplace, except for the group they collaborate in.

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