Create membership rules for groups on Workplace

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You can create membership rules so that people who meet your membership criteria are automatically added to your group. To add members using membership rules, you will need to be an admin for the group.
To create membership rules for your Workplace group:
  1. From the group, click below the group's cover photo.
  2. Click Admin optionsAdmin tools.
  3. Click next to Who is added or removed automatically.
  4. Click Create.
  5. Toggle on Automatically remove members.
  6. Click next to Create a rule.
  7. From the dropdown menu, select an area for your rule.
  8. Select Is Any Of, Contains Any Of, or Contains and then enter your specific rule details.
  9. Click Update and review.
People who meet your criteria are added to the group as soon as you create your membership rules. Other people will be automatically added when their profile meets your criteria.
Note: Before applying any of the new rules, admins will be able to preview how many people will be added or removed when a rule is updated, added or removed.

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